Concierge Doctor without the Concierge Cost in Littleton, CO

Highly Personal and Accessible Health Care

From $65 - $95 per month

Concierge Medicine in Denver - Direct Primary Care

If you're looking for the best concierge doctor in Denver, we think you've found it. Pure Family Medicine is better, because it's affordable. With Direct Primary Care, Dr. Rebecca Bub can provide the highly personal care concierge doctors are known for, at a price that is accessible to everyone (and we may even save you money)!

Dr. Rebecca Bub discusses Pure Family Medicine and Direct Primary Care in Littleton
Primary Care at Pure Family Medicine

Pure Family Medicine

Unrushed, 30-60 minute, same and next day appointments
Contact your direct primary care doctor 24/7 for urgent issues, care is restricted to office hours
Your family physician has a small patient panel, so you get personal care
Family owned, boutique medical office
At-cost meds and testing helps you save a ton of money
No charge for visits or procedures
Monthly fee from $65 - $95
    Other medical coverage

    Concierge Medicine

    Unrushed, 30-60 minute, same and next day appointments
    Contact your concierge doctor 24/7 for urgent issues, some physicians provide after hours care
    Your family physician has a small patient panel, so you get personal care
    Many concierge offices are corporate franchises
    Typical health system marked up pricing on meds and testing
    Extra charges when you need medical care
    Monthly fee from $140 - $300
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    Concierge Care at Low Cost, How?

    • Simple - we don't bill insurance for our services. This means less overhead for us, and we pass the savings to you.
    • Patients can still use their insurance for everything outside our practice, but only when it makes sense.
    • We contract with medication wholesalers and local diagnostic centers to get low prices for our patients.

    Comprehensive Healthcare with Dr. Bub

    • Comprehensive physicals and executive health tests
    • Full range of pediatric medical care
    • Management of chronic disease
    • No cost medical procedures including cryotherapy for skin growths, joint injections, laceration repairs, and more
    • Urgent care
    • Facial aesthetics
    • And a lot more...
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    Our Patients Love Their Concierge Doctor in Littleton!

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    Small Business Owner?

    Your employees can get a life changing health benefit they will brag about for years, for under $100 per employee per month. You get loyal, more productive employees, and can save a ton of money when a direct primary care membership is part of your health benefits package.

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