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Primary care doctor with no health insurance required, or accepted. Get longer appointments, easy access, and transparent wholesale cash pricing with Pure Family Medicine.
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Direct Pay PRimary Care Doctor, No Insurance Needed

High Quality Healthcare at Low Cash Prices

Paying cash for your healthcare is frustrating... Most doctor's offices don't know how to work with cash only patients, and it's scary waiting for your bill to come in the mail without the protection of insurance.

At Pure Family Medicine in Littleton, we have built our entire practice around the incredible savings that can come from not using insurance for your routine care. With direct pay primary care, not only do you get better healthcare, at a transparent and upfront price, but we can help you find cash-based savings throughout the medical system.

Dr. Rebecca Bub discusses Pure Family Medicine and Direct Primary Care in Littleton

A Better Healthcare Experience, Without Insurance

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Worry-Free Healthcare

Know your cash pricing up front, before you receive care. Feel relieved that you have an expert family physician guiding your medical care, and helping you navigate the healthcare system to get the best care at the best cash prices.

Direct Pay, Direct Access

Great non-insurance healthcare is a text away. Chat directly with your personal family physician whenever you need care. Get same and next day, hour long appointments.

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Personal, Reliable Primary Care

Just because you don't have insurance, doesn't mean you don't deserve great medical care. At our practice, Dr. Bub provides care based on a real, personal relationship with our patients. Feel confident you are getting trusted advice from your personal family doctor.

How Does Pure Family Medicine Work?

It's simple - patients pay a low monthly fee to our practice, and then virtually everything we do is provided free of charge.

No Cost for Office Visits and Procedures

Unlimited Free Virtual Care

Prescription and Lab Discounts

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Direct Care Membership

A perfect choice for patients with:
  • High deductible health insurance
  • Medicare
  • No insurance


$65 - $95per month


$275per month
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Direct Care with Medical Cost Sharing

A complete non-insurance healthcare solution
  • Pure Family Medicine for everyday health needs
  • Sedera Medical Cost sharing for major health expenses


$164and up per month


$560and up per month
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