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Dr. Rebecca Bub
Owner of Pure Family Medicine

Health Sharing and Direct Primary Care

The best kept secret in healthcare, health sharing (or medical cost sharing) and direct primary care allow you to get incredibly personal, high quality health care, and save money throughout the medical system.

Dr. Rebecca Bub discusses Pure Family Medicine and Direct Primary Care in Littleton
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Pure Family Medicine

  • Personal and comprehensive care to keep you healthier
  • Unparalleled access including 24/7 messaging with your physician, and unrushed same and next day appointments
  • Real, at-cost prices on meds and testing (typically 90% less)
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Health Sharing Plan

  • An effective way to manage large health expenses
  • Monthly costs are typically half that of health insurance
  • Get reimbursed a portion of your Direct Primary Care membership, or receive a discount on your monthly health share cost with certain groups
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How Does Pure Family Medicine Work?

  • We are a Direct Primary Care practice - Members pay a low monthly fee, and get concierge-level care, easy access, and pay virtually no extra costs for anything we do in our office.
  • We have less patients, more time, and provide care that is free of insurance and corporate control, meaning our patients get what is truly best for them and their health.
  • We obtain low costs on meds and testing, and pass those directly to our patients.

Services Provided by Dr. Bub

  • Physicals and routine care
  • Women's health
  • Procedures including skin tag removal, biopsy, joint injections, and more
  • Pediatrics
  • Urgent care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Aesthetics
  • And a lot more...
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Healthcare Costs with Health Share and DPC

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Pure Family Medicine
$95 per month
Health Share Membership
$158 per month
Monthly Cost
$253 per month
Physical exam/office visit
Skin tag removal, cryotherapy
EKG, spirometry, flu test
Typical annual bloodwork
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Family of 5

Pure Family Medicine
$275 per month
Health Share Membership
$454 per month
Monthly Cost
$729 per month
Well child check/urgent visit
Skin sutures, cryotherapy, OMT
Strep test, RSV test
PSA -or- A1C -or- TSH
$7 - $8

Assuming adults aged 40 - 45 years old, and an average medical cost share with a $2500 "deductible".

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