Insurance and Other Health Coverage

We’re proud to say that we can care for about 90% of your health needs for no extra cost at Pure Family Medicine.  But what about the other 10%?  That’s where health insurance comes in, for major health events, not routine care.

Patients in a Direct Primary Care practice typically choose to carry high-deductible, low-premium health insurance; join a health sharing plan; or continue with their employer-sponsored coverage and use it as a safety net.

For patients that are unable to afford traditional insurance, DPC provides a cost-effective way to receive routine health care.  We still recommend some sort of catastrophic coverage whenever possible.

Major medical plans and DPC

High Deductible or Catastrophic Health Plans

Selecting insurance coverage with high deductibles and low premiums helps you save money on monthly health care costs, while still providing the security that your out-of-pocket costs will be capped if you have a major health issue or accident.  All of your primary care will be covered by your DPC membership (with affordable cash pricing for testing and medication), and in the rare case that you have major medical expenses, your out of pocket costs are capped.


Medical Cost Sharing

Medical cost sharing communities like Sedera Health pair perfectly with membership in a DPC practice. As a member, you pay a monthly contribution that goes towards satisfying the needs of the community, and if you have a large healthcare cost the community is there to share with you. It is a great non-insurance option for helping you with health care expenses.

Pure Family Medicine has teamed up with Sedera to be able to offer our patients membership in Sedera's cost sharing community at a discounted rate. This is because Sedera recognizes the value and improved health outcomes a direct primary care practice offers its patients. The only thing we get out of it is knowing our patients are getting support for their medical bills at a great price!


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Health Sharing Ministries

 These faith based organizations bring together a group of like-minded members to pool money to cover medical expenses.  Patients typically pay cash for their medical expenses (saving money compared to insurance prices), and then are reimbursed by the health sharing plan after they have paid a set dollar amount on a per event basis. With most plans there is no “network” to worry about either.

It is important to remember that all the plans mentioned here are not insurance, and so some legal protections that you get with insurance are not there. Be sure to read the individual health share organization's agreement in detail as they are all different.


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Employer Sponsored Coverage

If you’re like many Americans, your employer offers a good medical plan, and pays for a portion of it.  Direct Primary Care is still an affordable option in this scenario! Most DPC patients with employer-sponsored coverage use it as a safety net, and for the rare times that insurance offers a good price on testing and medications.  Because you won’t need to seek care in the insurance based system very often, your out of pocket costs will decrease dramatically.  If you are able to lower your premiums by changing your plan the savings are even greater.

Supplemental Insurance

Many companies offer insurance policies that are not considered traditional health insurance but can help you if you have a medical event such as hospitalization, critical illness, or cancer diagnosis. These policies are additional options to consider, but may not be appropriate as your primary insurance.


Employer health benefits and direct primary careb

Please note that the info on this page is provided to help you understand the options that are available, for informational purposes only. The resources that are listed do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of the health care options or companies. We recommend you do your own research and make a decision based on your individual situation.

Your Total Health Care Costs

Membership in a Direct Primary Care practice can save you money on your medical costs each year.

Prices per year for a family of 4
Bronze Plan without DPC
$6750/$13500 deductible
Bronze Plan with DPC
$6750/$13500 deductible
Health Share with DPC
$2500 Unshared Amount
Annual Premium
Pure Family Medicine Membership
Anti-Depressant Medication
Cholesterol Medication
Six Primary Care Visits
Two Sets of Routine Labwork
One Urgent Care Visit for Child
One ER Visit for Stitches
Total Cost

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