DPC and Medical Cost Sharing

Medical cost sharing from Sedera is a new solution that helps patients manage large healthcare expenses, for a fraction of the cost of health insurance. When paired with a membership in Pure Family Medicine, patients can truly get better healthcare at a lower cost.
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About Sedera Health

Sedera is an alternative to health insurance when you need help managing larger healthcare expenses. Sedera members pay a monthly contribution to the sharing community, and if they have an eligible medical need, the community can share funds back.
Sedera and DPC costs

Direct Care Discount

Patients with a DPC practice get better care and are typically healthier as a result, and they have lower medical expenses. Sedera loves DPC, and gives a discount to patients who are with a direct care practice.
Sedera's monthly contributions are listed here, prices accurate as of 7/14/2020

Healthcare Costs with Sedera and Pure Family Medicine

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Pure Family Medicine
$95 per month
Sedera Contribution
$158 per month
Monthly Cost
$253 per month
Physical exam/office visit
Skin tag removal, cryotherapy
EKG, spirometry, flu test
Typical annual bloodwork
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Family of 5

Pure Family Medicine
$275 per month
Sedera Contribution
$454 per month
Monthly Cost
$729 per month
Well child check/urgent visit
Skin sutures, cryotherapy, OMT
Strep test, RSV test
PSA -or- A1C -or- TSH
$7 - $8
Assuming adults aged 40 - 45 years old, and an average medical cost share with a $2500 IUA (initial unsharable amount).

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How to Get Started

First, sign up as a member of Pure Family Medicine using the link below.
After signup, you will be given an option to join Sedera, or request more information
Complete the separate enrollment process with Sedera.
Become a Member of Pure Family Medicine and Sedera
Note: Pure Family Medicine and Sedera are not affiliated. Your membership in Pure Family Medicine is separate from membership with Sedera Health. Please note that the info on this page is provided to help you understand the options that are available, for informational purposes only. Medical cost sharing through Sedera is not health insurance and is not appropriate for everyone, particularly those with pre-existing conditions. We recommend you do your own research and make a decision based on your individual situation.