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Physician Brings Innovative Health Care Model that is Sweeping the Nation to Littleton, Colorado

Pure Family Medicine offers patients personalized care, unprecedented access to their doctor, and financial savings with Direct Primary Care.


LITTLETON, CO. Sept 5, 2019 – Patients in the southwest Denver metro area who are frustrated with the current healthcare system finally have a way to get the time, attention, and care they want from their doctor, all for the cost of an average cell phone bill.  Pure Family Medicine, founded by Dr.Rebecca Bub, aims to provide a better health care experience by taking a patients first approach to medical care, and providing tests and medications to patients at real prices.  This healthcare model is called Direct Primary Care, and it is a growing movement across the nation as patients and doctors alike become increasingly frustrated with the ills of the current system.

Traditionally, doctors see a staggering number of patients (around 2500) and are booked out for a month. Patients frequently can’t get in touch with their doctors and see mid-levels or go to urgent care as a result. Dr. Rebecca Bub recognized that her patients wanted a change and discovered Direct Primary Care.

“Direct Primary Care lets me get the time I have always wanted with my patients," stated Dr. Bub. "As a result, I’ve gotten to know them on a personal level and have helped them make real changes in their lives.”

In a Direct Primary Care practice like Pure Family Medicine, patients pay a monthly fee averaging between $65-$95 per month and receive virtually all their primary care for no extra cost.  This includes longer appointments with no wait, all in office procedures, and around the clock access directly to their doctor.  When there is a charge, patients are given at-cost pricing, and shown the costs up front so they know what to expect.  The discounts can be significant, often saving patients a good portion of their monthly fee.

Dr. Bub doesn’t want patients to have to wonder if a health issue is worth a trip to the doctor or forgo recommended testing because it is too expensive or insurance won’t cover it.  By making health care costs predictable and affordable, Pure Family Medicine lets patients take control of their health care.


About Pure Family Medicine

As a direct primary care practice, Pure Family Medicine provides patients a truly personal health care experience at an affordable cost.  By contracting directly with patients and stepping away from insurance reimbursements, Dr. Rebecca Bub makes health care decisions with only her patient’s health in mind. Located in Littleton, Colorado, the practice opened for business in August 2019 and sees patients of all ages.

To learn more about Pure Family Medicine and direct primary care, visit the practice’s website at, call them directly at 720-828-7873, or email them at

Contact: Dr. Rebecca Bub

Phone: 720-828-7873


What if you could get unlimited, concierge quality primary care for the cost of a gym membership?

You can with Pure Family Medicine, a membership-based medical practice where there are never co-pays, and you get wholesale pricing on all medication, testing, and more.

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Rebecca Bub, DO
Rebecca Bub is a board certified family physician, the proud owner of Pure Family Medicine, and is on a mission to change the way people get health care, one patient at a time. In her spare time she enjoys chasing her three young kids around, spending time hiking and cycling, and living vicariously through her friend's social lives online.
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