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Pure Pulse Newsletter for September 2019

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September 2019

Staying Healthy this Fall

Welcome to all of our new members, and thank you to everyone for your continued support of Pure Family Medicine!  As we enter into cold and flu season, make sure you are taking steps to be even more proactive about your health.  Studies repeatedly show that a good diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep all help you fight off viruses and recover quicker if you do get sick.  My goal is to help you stay healthy, but if you do catch something this fall and need my assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

In Good Health,
Rebecca Bub, DO

Grand Opening!

We're thrilled to announce our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!  We would love to have you stop by and join us for after-work refreshments. If you have any friends or family that are interested in Pure Family Medicine this is a great opportunity to learn more in a relaxed atmosphere.

When: Tues, Oct 22nd 4:30-6:30 pm

Where: Pure Family Medicine

Botox coming soon

Dr. Bub has an advanced certification in Botox and will soon be offering facial aesthetic treatments as well as novel treatments for TMJ and chronic migraines.  Practice members will get a significant discount off these procedures.  Stay tuned for more information!

Online Scheduling

Did you know that you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Bub at your convenience by using our online scheduling feature on our website?  Simply visit our website and click the Schedule Visit tab on the menu!

Flu Vaccine reminder

If you are getting your flu vaccine this year and have not scheduled an appointment, please let us know!  We are carrying the preservative-free, egg-free vaccine and offering it to our members at cost - $25.

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You can with Pure Family Medicine, a membership-based medical practice where there are never co-pays, and you get wholesale pricing on all medication, testing, and more.

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Rebecca Bub, DO
Rebecca Bub is a board certified family physician, the proud owner of Pure Family Medicine, and is on a mission to change the way people get health care, one patient at a time. In her spare time she enjoys chasing her three young kids around, spending time hiking and cycling, and living vicariously through her friend's social lives online.
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