What is Direct Primary Care?

Quite simply, Direct Primary Care eliminates everything that makes healthcare complicated and expensive, and keeps the good parts. DPC was built from the ground up by doctors with one thing in mind - what is best for you, our patient.

How does Direct Primary Care Work?

You pay a low monthly membership fee directly to your doctor, and get an all access pass to high quality flexible primary care with no copays or deductibles.
By paying your doctor directly, you eliminate the extra costs and restrictions imposed by insurance companies and medical corporations on your healthcare.

The DPC Difference

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Better Healthcare

In today's medical system, insurance companies and medical corporations control your healthcare.

They set the rules for everything, from how long your doctor can spend with you, to what testing and treatment you are allowed to get.

What if those rules were set by you and your doctor instead?

By paying your doctor directly, those companies no longer have a say in what is best for you and your family.

Pure Family Medicine an independent, physician owned practice, and we are focused on one thing - what is best for our patients.

Lower Costs

Routine healthcare is not expensive.

It becomes expensive when you're paying for medical billers, record auditors, insurance personnel, accounting staff, corporate executives, and more.

It stays expensive when you are going to urgent care because your doctor is not available, or develop a chronic illness because your doctor didn't have the time to focus on preventive healthcare.

At Pure Family Medicine, we cut out the middlemen, and take the time to keep you healthy. You get affordable, predictable pricing, and live a healthier life.

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Common Questions About DPC

Why a Monthly Fee?

With a monthly membership, we can provide our patients better, more convenient care. There's a few reasons.

Fewer Barriers to Care

In traditional primary care, patients save their medical questions and health concerns for a single visit in order to save money and the hassle of repeated appointments. This leads to subpar healthcare.

When there is no extra cost to see your doctor, you will seek care quicker, ask more questions, schedule more follow-up appointments, and be more free to focus on prevention.

More Flexible Access to Care

When patients pay per visit, it forces their doctors to bring them into the office for everything.

With a membership, you can text your doctor, have a telemedicine visit from home, get care while on vacation, and more. Easier more flexible access leads to better health.

Can I Still Use Insurance with DPC?

Absolutely, just not for the membership fee. Our patients with great insurance frequently use it to cover labwork, referrals, imaging, and more.

However, the majority of patients with insurance will find it is about 90% cheaper to pay cash pricing for these things. In fact, if you are one of the 95% of people who does not routinely hit your insurance deductible, our model of healthcare will save you money.

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