What is Direct Primary Care?

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Pure Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. DPC seeks to eliminate the waste in the medical system by taking insurance and third party payers out of routine health care. By eliminating these middlemen and contracting directly with patients, doctors are able to focus on the patients and their health, instead of focusing on churning through patients and checking boxes in medical records to get paid by the insurance companies.

It turns out, when insurance is used for what it's meant for - major health events - the entire health care experience changes. At Pure Family Medicine, you can expect....

Pure Family Medicine gets you time with your doctor

Time with your doctor

  • In the traditional health care system, physicians have around 2500 patients and are typically forced to see over 20 patients per day, leaving patients feeling rushed, and doctors with inadequate time to provide excellent care.
  • Primary care doctors are able to care for a majority of a patient’s medical needs.  However in the current system, there's no time, and so 1 out of every 3 patients are sent to a specialist every year.
  • In a Direct Primary Care practice, your doctor has more time to spend with you, and more time to give you the health care you deserve right in the office.
Direct Primary Care lowers health care costs

Lower health care costs

  • Average health insurance premiums for a family of four are around $28,000 per year* - No health care is actually provided for these premiums, that is typically extra until the deductible is met!
  • Membership in Pure Family Medicine costs a family of four $3,300 per year - That includes the majority of health care the entire family will need, in addition to getting access to significant medication and diagnostic discounts.
  • * Source: 2018 Millman Medical Index - http://www.milliman.com/mmi/
Preventative medicine with Pure Family Medicine

Focus on prevention

  • In today's health care system, with patients getting so little time with their doctors, there's only time to treat diseases once they happen.
  • At a DPC practice like Pure Family Medicine, expect prevention to be the focus. With more time, a stronger relationship, and better access to your doctor, it's amazing what you and your doctor can do for your health.
DPC has predictable, transparent costs

Predictable costs, transparent pricing

  • All too often patients visit a doctor and then get surprise bills months after the visit.
  • At Pure Family Medicine, one predictable monthly fee covers most of your health care needs. No surprises.
  • If you need medication, labs, or diagnostics, pricing is transparent and a fraction of the cost of insurance.
Pure Family Medicine improves the patient experience

Convenience and peace of mind

  • If you are sick or have a question for your typical primary care doctor, you will either leave a message and get called back by a medical assistant in a few days, or schedule an appointment days or weeks out to see them.
  • Communicating with Dr. Bub couldn't be easier. If you have a question, call, text or e-mail, and hear back from Dr. Bub herself the same business day.
  • If you are sick, same day appointments are the norm. Even better, have a telemedicine visit from the comfort of your home!
  • If you have an urgent health problem after hours or on weekends, rest easy knowing that you can get in touch with your personal physician.
Pure Family Medicine in Littleton Colorado

Pure Family Medicine

  • It’s time for a change.  
  • Join us and experience health care in it's Purest form, with Direct Primary Care and Pure Family Medicine.

Is Direct Primary Care for Me?

Select your health care situation below and see how being a patient of Pure Family Medicine can help you!

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Meets Deductible Every Year

If you have a chronic condition or high medical expenses

  • Membership gets you access to medications and diagnostics at a steep discount, which may pay for the membership outright.
  • Direct access to your doctor can help prevent an occasional ER or unnecessary specialist visit.
  • With a better relationship with your physician, you truly have a partner in managing your health.
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Minimal Medical Needs

If you are young, healthy, or never meet your deductible

  • Membership may allow you to change your insurance plan, or join a health share like Sedera and get lower monthly premiums.
  • With a strong relationship with your doctor, you can focus on preventative medicine and discuss how to stay healthy with diet, exercise, lifestyle, and appropriate medical screening.
  • If you do become ill, you have direct access to a doctor who actually knows you.
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Health Care for Family

If you need health care for you and your children

  • Pure Family Medicine offers a bundled membership that can save money when your family signs up.
  • If your child has an emergency at night or on the weekends, being able to talk to your physician when your child needs it may save you an unnecessary trip to the ER.
  • If your whole family gets the flu, or a GI bug, you can all be treated by one doctor, instead of needing 2 or 3 separate appointments (and often from the comfort of your own bed).
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Has a Great Insurance Plan

If your insurance plan is working for you and can't be changed

  • The average family of four paid $7,674 in premiums, and $4,704 out of pocket in 2018.*
  • A Pure Family Medicine membership for that family is $3,300 per year, which includes the majority of the care that family needs.
  • Save your health insurance for major health events, and see your out of pocket costs drop dramatically.
  • Experience what it's like to get a 30-60 min appointment when you need it, with a doctor who knows you.

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