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We do not carry or dispense buprenorphine or any other controlled medications in our office, these must be picked up from a pharmacy.

Buprenorphine Treatment with Dr. Kyla Krofta

Experience personalized care and support on your recovery journey with buprenorphine treatment under the expert guidance of Dr. Kyla Krofta.
Buprenorphine Treatment near Denver

Meet Dr. Kyla Krofta

Dr. Krofta brings a compassionate and understanding approach to the field of opioid recovery. She has over a decade of experience with buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorder and has helped numerous patients in their recoveries.

Combined with Pure Family Medicine's unique direct patient care model, Dr. Krofta is able to provide a level of outpatient care for patients that is unmatched.

Dr. Kyla Krofta - Pure Family Medicine
Dr. Kyla Krofta - Pure Family Medicine

About Buprenorphine Treatment

Buprenorphine is medication that is used to treat opiate use disorder. Buprenorphine helps ease withdrawal symptoms, decrease cravings, prevent relapse and increase chances of remaining in remission. This is a safe and effective medication that has been used for more than 20 years to help improve and save lives. Dr. Krofta has seen it the positive impact it has had on many of her patients over her years of practice.

    Member Benefits

    Patients who are interested in buprenorphine treatment with Dr. Krofta will also receive primary care from her under Pure Family Medicine's direct care model.
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    Specialized Outpatient Care

    Rest easy knowing that your care is in capable, compassionate hands.
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    Unrushed $0 Appointments

    Get care when you need it, without worrying about added cost.
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    Flexible, direct access

    Same and next day appointments. Call or text your doctor directly and hear back quickly.
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    At Cost Pricing on Tests and Treatment

    When lab tests or outpatient treatment is needed, rest assured you are getting real, affordable pricing.
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    Personalized Support Throughout Your Journey

    Dr. Krofta is a call or text away if you encounter any difficulties or need support with your therapy.

    How to Start Buprenorphine Treatment with Dr. Krofta

    Due to the specialized nature of buprenorphine treatment, Dr. Krofta's services are available to a limited number of patients.  Prior to joining, patients must have a no-cost interview with Dr. Krofta to see if the program is a good fit.

    Buprenorphine Pricing

    Buprenorphine therapy is offered as an add-on service to our primary care membership for patients who have interviewed with Dr. Krofta and have been accepted into the program.
    per month
    per month
    Plus the cost of primary care membership ($119/mo and under).
    Primary care membership includes unrushed $0 primary care visits, same day appointments, direct texting and calls with your doctor, after hours urgent virtual care, and more.
    Dr. Workman's MEND panel is currently full and she is not accepting new patients for eating disorder management at this time.
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