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Single membership for ages 0 - 99+
per month


Newborns to 18 years old, with adult membership
per month


Two adults in the same household
per month


Two parents and kids under 27
per month
  • There is a one time registration fee of $95 per person, or $150 per household.
  • Don't worry: There are no lock-in periods, if you're unhappy you are free to cancel at any time.
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Dr. Rebecca Bub sitting at office desk at Pure Family Medicine in Littleton, CO
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  • There is no charge for this meeting.
  • This is a non-medical visit, no treatment is provided.

Interested in Cost Sharing?

For those looking for alternative options to manage large healthcare costs, pairing a Pure Family Medicine membership with the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community can be a good fit.


$194and up per month


$364and up per month


Must sign up with parent


$560and up per month
Learn About Medical Cost Sharing
* Includes Sedera discount for DPC members. Sedera membership is separate from Pure Family Medicine, bundled pricing is shown for illustration purposes only.
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