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With over a decade of training, and 30,000+ patient care hours, you are in good hands with board certified family medicine physicians like Dr. Bub and Dr. Workman.

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  • Experience and Education Matter

    • Healthcare based on extensive experience combined with the most recent evidence based medicine.
    • Save time, money, and prevent unnecessary referrals with comprehensive and focused medical care.
  • Better Health With Personalized Care

    • Get healthcare tailored to you and your needs, not a one size fits all approach.
    • Identify your unique risk factors and take steps to prevent disease before it starts.
  • One Physician to Coordinate Your Care

    • Make the most of specialist visits, and prevent errors and wasted time when you have a board certified family medicine physician at your side.
Rebecca Bub Family Medicine Physician

Your Healthcare Team

Rebecca Bub Owner of Pure Family Medicine in Littleton CO
"I love my patients, but in the corporate healthcare system I never had enough time to truly get to know them. I firmly believe that you can get better healthcare when you have the time to form a strong relationship with your family medicine physician.  That’s why I decided to found Pure Family Medicine, so I have the time to focus on you."
Dr. Rebecca Bub
Owner of Pure Family Medicine
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
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"I believe in a strong patient physician relationship. Part of my job as your physician is to help you wade through the endless stream of information about your health and help you make an informed decision that fits with your personal situation."
Dr. Cassandra Workman
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
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Dr Cassandra Workman Primary Care in Littleton CO

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