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With over a decade of training, and 30,000+ patient care hours, you are in good hands with board certified family medicine physicians like Dr. Bub.

See the Difference a Dedicated Physician Can Make

  • Experience and Education Matter

    • Healthcare based on extensive experience combined with the most recent evidence based medicine.
    • Save time, money, and prevent unnecessary referrals with comprehensive and focused medical care.
  • Better Health With Personalized Care

    • Get healthcare tailored to you and your needs, not a one size fits all approach.
    • Identify your unique risk factors and take steps to prevent disease before it starts.
  • One Physician to Coordinate Your Care

    • Make the most of specialist visits, and prevent errors and wasted time when you have a board certified family medicine physician at your side.
Rebecca Bub Family Medicine Physician
Rebecca Bub Owner of Pure Family Medicine
"I love my patients, but in the corporate healthcare system I never had enough time to truly get to know them. I firmly believe that you can get better healthcare when you have the time to form a strong relationship with your family medicine physician.  That’s why I decided to found Pure Family Medicine, so I have the time to focus on you."
Dr. Rebecca Bub
Owner of Pure Family Medicine
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
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