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Dr. Rebecca Bub Pure Family Medicine Littleton

Longevity Medicine in Littleton, CO

Discover Healthy Aging with Pure Longevity
Traditional healthcare is failing us when it comes to maintaining health and vitality as we age. By treating disease after it has already started, we are increasing lifespan while decreasing quality of life. Pure Longevity is here to change that.
Our goal is to help you avoid disease and injury altogether, so that you can live a long, active, and healthy life. Armed with the latest advances from the fields of longevity and lifestyle medicine, our doctors use evidence-based testing to identify your personal long-term risk factors and recommend interventions that you can take now to optimize your current and future health.
Dr. Rebecca Bub - Family Medicine Doctor in Littleton
Extensive biochemical, genetic, and imaging tests give you a comprehensive view of your current health and life-time risk factors for chronic illness.
Body composition and fitness testing provide an in-depth look at your physical and metabolic health.
Make changes decades before disease starts with specific lifestyle, dietary, fitness, and medical recommendations based on your results.
How It Compares

Conventional Medicine vs Pure Longevity

Proactive healthcare has the power to transform the way we think about aging.

Conventional Healthcare

  • Intervention limited to patients with specific signs that indicate a 10% or greater risk of a heart attack or stroke within the next 10 years.
  • Most early testing is dismissed as unnecessary.
  • Fitness is not prioritized for long term health.
  • Goal is to stabilize cardiovascular disease once it is found.

Pure Longevity

  • Intervention appropriate for any patient with a heightented lifetime risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Early testing has a massive impact on lowering your long term risk.
  • Fitness is the primary way to achieve cardiovascular health and longevity.
  • Goal is to completely avoid cardiovascular disease if possible, or at least significantly delay it's onset.

Conventional Healthcare

  • Screening limited to obese patients over 40 years old.
  • A1C considered sufficient screening.
  • No intervention recommended until diabetes is diagnosed.
  • Goal is to prolong life and decrease complications of diabetes.

Pure Longevity

  • Every patient is screened.
  • Insulin, glucose, and inflammatory markers are checked.
  • Intervention recommended at the pre-diabetic level or earlier.
  • Goal is to completely prevent diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Conventional Healthcare

  • Alzheimer's and dementia preventive screening is not common.
  • Pre-emptive intervention for neurodegenerative disease is not done.
  • Cancer screening, while common, is often done too late or not aggressive enough.

Pure Longevity

  • Your relative long term risk for Alzheimer's and dementia can be evaluated.
  • Improving sleep hygeine, lifelong learning, and temperature therapry are explored as preventive options for neurodegenerative disease.
  • Advanced early cancer screening can be appropriate for certain patients.
Dr. Rebecca Bub - Family Medicine Doctor in Littleton

Actionable Recommendations

  • Medication Icon

    Early Medical Treatment and Supplementation

    High risk patients may benefit from early statin usage or metformin to help them entirely avoid heart disease or diabetes. Novel therapies such as rapamycin, PCSK9 inhibitors, and more can be explored to slow down disease and the process of aging. We may recommend long term medications to discuss with your PCP  based on the results of your testing.
  • Heart Repair Icon

    Specific Diet and Exercise Recommendations

    When we intervene before disease starts, lifestyle changes can be used as a very effective treatment. Nutritional recommendations such as diet changes or intermittent fasting, and fitness routines such as a focus on strength training or Zone 2 cardiovascular training are all considerations to help reduce your specific risk factors.
  • EKG Icon

    Aggressive Screening, Alternative Therapies, and More

    Your results may indicate that earlier screening tests are appropriate, or that cold water immersion therapy might reduce your risks of long-term disease. Some patients might need to prioritize sleep above all else. Armed with a personal toolkit of information, we can make specific recommendations that will actually make a difference in your life.
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The Pure Longevity Program

How it Works

Introductory Visit

Start with an initial consultation with Dr. Bub or Dr. Cameron where they will learn about your current health, family history, and your long term health goals.

Comprehensive Testing

Your doctor will order a comprehensive set of tests to be done in the following days to weeks that evaluate your current health status and help identify your life-time risk of various diseases.

Consultation & Health Plan

Meet with your physician for an executive level exam and consultation where you will discuss your test results in detail, and devise a personalized plan to optimize your long term health and vitality.
Dr. Rebecca Bub Primary Care near Denver CO

Rebecca Bub, DO

Owner of Pure Family Medicine
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
Special Interest in Longevity and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Rebecca Bub has always felt that traditional healthcare waits too long to intevene and is stuck managing disease rather than truly preventing it. When she opened Pure Family Medicine, she was free to practice her way and immediately saw amazing results for her patients. From preventing diabetic patients from needing insulin through close monitoring and lifestyle changes, to early intervention for subclinical cardiovascular disease, taking the time to connect with patients and do things differently made a huge difference.

Dr. Bub's career-long interest in improving long term health and vitality through preventive care and lifestyle changes led her to create Pure Longevity. Her approach mirrors advice popularized by recognized health and longevity authorities such as Dr. Peter Attia and his book Outlive, Dr. Andrew Huberman and his popular Huberman Lab podcast, and others.

Dr. David Cameron Pure Family Medicine Littleton

David Cameron, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
Special Interest in Longevity and Lifestyle Medicine
Available for Ongoing Primary Care

Dr. David Cameron has been practicing medicine for the last 2 decades, and believes that healthcare is best delivered through a trusting relationship between the doctor and patient. He has always been a strong advocate of lifestyle as a tool for preventing illness, and co-authored The Rest of Health with his wife, a book written to provide concrete strategies for both physical and mental health.

Dr. Cameron has been practicing longevity-style medicine his entire career, and has taught seminars on topics including anxiety, depression, nutrition, fitness, setting limits, and long-term healthy living.

Program Pricing

Pure Longevity

Includes all core testing listed below.
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$395 due now for your initial consultation, remainder due following consultation if you choose to proceed with the program.
What's Included (Core Testing)
Optional Add-On Testing
Not Included
Pure Longevity is a consultation service and does not provide ongoing care. Our program is meant to empower you with the knowledge and recommendations needed to make specific changes that will lead to a long and healthy life. It is not a substitute for a primary care doctor or specialist as we do not provide ongoing management, follow-up, or prescribe medication for illnesses that may be diagnosed through this program.
We strongly believe that ongoing primary care is vital to long term health. If you are looking for a PCP, Dr. Cameron is accepting new primary care patients through our direct primary care membership, or you can use the information we provide in this program to take a more proactive role with your current PCP or specialists.
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