Good Primary Care Can Be Life Changing

Direct Primary Care allows us to provide really good care to our patients. Taking insurance and third party payers out of routine health care eliminates waste in the medical system, and allows us to focus on you and your health, instead of churning through patients to meet a hospital system quota or checking boxes in medical records to get paid by the insurance companies. Visit our family medicine office in Littleton to find out more!

The formula for great care

  • A low monthly fee is paid directly to Pure Family Medicine.
  • You get comprehensive health care at our office with virtually no extra costs, and easy access to your doctor.
  • Medication, lab testing, and other diagnostic tests are suddenly less expensive as we pass our at-cost pricing directly onto you.
  • Use your insurance or catastrophic coverage only when it makes sense for you, saving a ton of money.
Learn About Direct Primary Care
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Included with membership

We don't bill insurance for our services, but that's OK because almost everything we do is provided at no cost for members.

Family Couple looking at membership services pure family medicine

Exams/Medical visits

Comprehensive care, same and next day appointments, unrushed visits. Pediatrics, senior care, women's health, and more is provided at our Littleton practice.

Easy Access

Call, text, email, or video chat directly with your doctor, including after hours or weekends if you have an urgent issue.


Biopsies, wound repair, cryotherapy, joint injections, trigger point injections, ear lavage, abscess treatment, and more.

Certain Diagnostic Tests

Strep, influenza, and RSV testing done in office. UTI testing, pregnancy testing, EKG, spirometry and more all included.

Services at Pure Family Medicine
Prescription medication
Lab testing
Pathology for PAPs and biopsies
Diagnostic imaging at our preferred imaging centers

Significant Discounts

We also offer members discounts up to 30% off of Botox services including facial aesthetics, TMJ pain relief, and migraine treatments!


Available to members at wholesale cost

There's no need to use insurance and pay up to 10 times more for a medication or test, when we give it to our members at cost.

* You are always welcome to use insurance for these items if you wish.

Significant Discounts

We also offer members discounts up to 30% off of Botox services including facial aesthetics, TMJ pain relief, and migraine treatments!


Membership Pricing


Ages 27 and over
per month

Additional Adult

In same family
per month

Child or
Young Adult

Ages 0-26
per month

Family Membership

Maximum price for parent(s) and
their children (ages 0-26)
per month
There is a one time registration fee of $95 per individual, or $150 max per household.
We do not have any contract lock in periods, if you are unsatisfied with your care we want you to feel free to leave at any time.

Your Complete Health Care Solution

Primary Care at Pure Family Medicine

Pure Family Medicine

  • We care for 90% of your health issues in our office, at no extra charge
  • Your medication and lab testing is up to 90% off retail pricing
  • Pay low cash prices or use your insurance for advanced testing or referrals
  • If you do need a referral, you can use your insurance or find a cash pay specialist
Other medical coverage

Other Health Coverage

  • Provides a safety net for serious or expensive medical issues
  • Save insurance for major health issues and costs drop dramatically
  • Select less expensive coverage knowing your membership includes 90% of your health needs
  • Pure Family Medicine works best with high deductible health insurance, catastrophic insurance, or medical cost sharing
Learn About Insurance Options

Your Total Health Care Costs

Membership in a Direct Primary Care practice saves an average of 20% in medical costs each year.

Prices per year for a family of 4
Gold Plan without DPC
$2500/$5000 deductible
Bronze Plan without DPC
$6750/$13500 deductible
Bronze Plan with DPC
$6750/$13500 deductible
Health Share with DPC
$2500 Unshared Amount
Annual Premium
Pure Family Medicine Membership
Lexapro Rx
Generic Crestor Rx
Six Primary Care Visits
Two Sets of Routine Labwork
One Urgent Care Visit for Child
One ER Visit for Stitches
Total Cost

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