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Direct Primary Care Designed for You

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Unrushed visits with your personal doctor.
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Same and next day appointments, in person or over video.
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Call or text your doctor directly. Hear back within hours.
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Around the clock virtual care for urgent health issues.
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Transparent wholesale pricing on tests and medication.
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Get help navigating the complex healthcare system.
Family Owned and Operated

We're Passionate About Quality Care

Traditional healthcare is failing patients. That's why Dr. Rebecca Bub built Pure Family Medicine.

As an independent direct primary care practice, we're free to build a healthcare experience centered on what is best for you, without letting insurance companies or healthcare corporations get in the way of great care.

With our affordable Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership, you get unlimited access to your family doctor with no hidden costs or co-pays.

Just you, your doctor, and quality healthcare - Pure & Simple.

Healthcare Made Easy

Is Direct Primary Care Right for Me?

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Get Better Primary Care

Become a member of our practice and get high quality primary care with no co-pays.
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Insurance Covers Everything Else

Use insurance as normal for labs, testing, medications, specialists, and hospital-based care.
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Lower Your Out of Pocket Costs

If you have a high deductible plan, reserve insurance for major issues and save 90% with our at-cost pricing on labs, testing, and medication.
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Affordable, Transparent Pricing
Become a member of our practice and get unlimited primary care, $0 office visits, and no surprise charges.
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Get Help Navigating the System
Utilize our cash pay resources, including specialists & at-cost medication and testing.
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Catastrophic Care Options
Get a discount on medical cost sharing at Sedera Health for help with major medical expenses or signup for a catastrophic insurance plan.
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Exceptional Primary Care
Become a member of our practice and get highly personalized primary care for no extra costs.
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Full Medical Coverage
Medicare provides coverage for most or all of your healthcare outside our office.
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You Control Your Care
If Medicare ever denies testing or treatment, our at-cost prices can help you get the care you deserve.
Membership from $59 - $99 per month, no co-pays ever.
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