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Direct Primary Care near Denver, Colorado

At Pure Family Medicine in Littleton, we offer a smarter way for you to stay healthy.

Our affordable Direct Primary Care membership (DPC) works with or without insurance and gives you unlimited access to your family doctor so you can get care when you need it for no additional cost or copay.

With more face to face time, you and your physician can create a personalized health plan to help you live a healthier life and save money.

Dr. Rebecca Bub discusses Pure Family Medicine and Direct Primary Care in Littleton

Dr. Rebecca Bub - Owner and Board Certified Family Physician AT Pure family Medicine

How is Direct Primary Care (DPC) Different?

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Healthcare without the Hassle

With 80% less patients than a typical office, there are no crowded waiting rooms, no long waits to see your family doctor, and no aggravation with healthcare billing and up-charging. Just an amazing health care experience centered around you, our patient.

A Direct Line to Your Family Physician

Day or night, get a hold of your doctor when you need her. Why aren't more family practices like this?

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Like Having a Doctor in the Family

Medical care built on a real relationship with your personal primary care physician. Feel confident you are getting advice you can trust from a doctor who knows you, has time for you, and is there for you on every step of your healthcare journey.

DPC is a Better Healthcare Experience

Pure Family Medicine
Traditional Primary Care
Same or next day, unrushed appointments
See your personal doctor every time
Around the clock virtual care
Up-front, predictable, wholesale pricing
Get help navigating the healthcare system
On site lab services
On site prescriptions

How Does DPC Membership Work?

Direct primary care is simple - members of Pure Family Medicine pay a low monthly fee, and then virtually everything we do is provided free of charge.
No Cost for Office Visits and Procedures
Unlimited Free Virtual Care
Prescription and Lab Discounts
Let's Get Started

Joining Pure Family Medicine

Becoming a member only takes 5-10 minutes, and can be done online or over the phone. After you join, we will reach out to help you get started!
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  • Adults, seniors, or children
  • Works with or without insurance
$65 - 95
per month


  • Two parents and kids under 27
  • Works with or without insurance
per month
Unsure if Pure family Medicine is Right for You?

Set Up a Meet and Greet with Dr. Bub

  • For those interested in joining who still have questions about our practice.
  • There is no charge for this meeting.
  • This is a non-medical visit, no treatment is provided.
Dr. Rebecca Bub Family Medicine in Littleton, CO

Helping Denver Small Businesses Thrive with DPC

When employees get concierge level healthcare that they can actually afford to use, and businesses save money at the same time, it's a win, win. In the time of COVID-19, we're also helping employees get back to work safely with same day appointments, telemedicine visits, and rapid COVID-19 testing.
Learn how Pure Family Medicine can help your business
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Patients Love Our Direct Primary Care Practice

See what makes our Littleton family practice different and why patients are raving about direct primary care.

"Best Doctor I’ve been to!!!   I have had a lot of health issues that are complicated.  Dr. Bub has help me to get the best care and help me solve my health issues. She is a fantastic listener and a great communicator.  She really cares about her patients. So blessed to have her as my doctor."
Julie - via Google
5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review
"She is the only doctor that recognized the uniqueness in my health history and found solutions for me.   The care you will receive from Dr. Bub is beyond a five star rating."
Paige - via Google
5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review
"As a physician myself, I truly trust Dr. Bub with my family.  She is knowledgeable, kind, and efficient and I am glad she has created Pure Family Medicine where her skills can truly shine!"
Carolynn F - via Google
5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review
"Dr. Bub is the best!  I went to her on the recommendation of a friend, and I couldn't be happier with my new doctor.  She genuinely cares and I felt like my opinions mattered when discussing my treatment options. She spent over an hour with me at my first appointment, called me the next day with my test results, and I was able to text her with follow-up questions and heard back from her right away.  Highly recommend her practice!"
Kayla R - via Yelp
5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review
"Dr. Rebecca Bub is a caring physician who takes the time to listen to her patient’s concerns.  She explains options and solutions and treatment choices.  Great partner to have to help manage your health care."
Laura L - via Google
5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review
"I know that our health and my concerns are being addressed in accordance with our best interests.  I will be continuing to use Dr. Bub as long as she practices! I have NEVER had anyone in the medical field that I trust more that her."
Dustin G - via Google
5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review

Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care?

  • Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new model for delivering primary care in Denver, that gives patients high quality healthcare at a simple, transparent, and affordable monthly cost. Patients pay their family physician directly on a monthly basis, without the interference of insurance companies, and in return their family doctor provides care without any copays or additional charges for their services.
Read more about Direct Primary Care

What is included with membership in a Direct Primary Care practice?

  • Virtually all services provided at your primary care practitioner's office are included with membership. Members of a DPC practice also get easy and direct access to their family doctor, usually through text, email, secure messaging, and direct phone calls. Medication and lab testing is offered at wholesale cost. More information is available on our membership page.
Learn about membership in Pure Family Medicine

Do you provide care for children?

  • Yes, Dr. Bub's practice is around 25% pediatrics, and she has been providing pediatric care in Littleton and Ken Caryl Colorado for her entire career. In fact, the enhanced access that patients get at Pure Family Medicine is perfect for children and families.

Do you bill insurance?

  • While 95% of our patients do carry insurance, we do not bill insurance for any of our services. We don't want insurance to dictate what care our patients can and cannot have, and would rather give them real health care prices instead of inflated insurance pricing. Members can still use their insurance for testing and medications, but it turns out that these things are much cheaper (often 90% less) when insurance is not used.
Discover insurance and non-insurance options for health care coverage

Won't a DPC membership just add to my health care expenses?

  • No, in fact most patients end up saving money as a member of a direct primary care practice in Denver. Even if you rarely see the doctor, with a typical high deductible insurance plan a couple of primary care visits per year ($250 each) in addition to routine lab testing ($100 - $200) will often equal the cost of membership. As a member all visits are free, lab testing and medication is 90% less than insurance pricing, and statistics show that DPC members have less hospital visits and lower out of pocket expenses.

Is Direct Primary Care concierge medicine?

  • No, direct primary care is often called "a concierge doctor for the masses" because fees are lower than concierge practices to be accessible to all families, while still providing excellent care.  Unlike concierge medicine in Denver, direct primary care practices offer at cost pricing on labs and medication and include a lot of services for free with membership. Patients can reach their family doctor after hours if they have an urgent issue just like concierge medicine, however medical care is typically restricted to office hours.
Discover how direct primary care can be even better than concierge medicine

What if I want to leave the practice?

  • We want our patients to be thrilled with the care they receive, and so we do not have any contract lock-in periods for our direct primary care membership. If patients are unhappy they are free to leave at any time.

Does Pure Family Medicine offer single visits without committing to membership?

  • The best care comes from an ongoing and unrestricted relationship with a physician. While one time visits can treat disease, ongoing care prevents disease and helps you live a healthy life, and that is what we focus on in our practice. We understand that monthly commitments can be daunting, and so we don't have any lock-in periods if the membership is not working for you.

Where are you located?

  • Our west Littleton primary care office is located across the street from Dakota Ridge high school, off of Coal Mine Ave just south of Bowles. Our address is 13402 W Coal Mine Ave, Suite 250. Littleton, CO 80127. Pure Family Medicine is within a 10-15 minute drive of west Lakewood, Ken Caryl, and Highlands Ranch.

Where can I learn more about Direct Primary Care?

Our Location

13402 W Coal Mine Ave, Suite 250
Littleton, CO 80127

Located in the Dakota Ridge Medical Complex, off the Bowles exit of C-470, across the street from Dakota Ridge High School.