Direct Primary Care for Employers

Many employers are turning to Direct Primary Care as an answer to today's healthcare benefit issues. Learn more about how Pure Family Medicine can help your business!

Small Business Owner Getting Health Benefits With Pure Family Medicine

Small Business Owners

  • Is the cost of providing health benefits to your employees increasing every year?
  • Are employees complaining about worsening coverage and increasing costs?
  • Do your employees forgo routine care due to costs while their health and productivity suffers?

For small businesses and employees, health benefits are becoming more of a burden than a benefit.  Thankfully, there’s a better way, with Direct Primary Care. Many progressive companies have started offering a DPC membership to their employees, and have seen amazing results:

Small Business DPC Benefits

Lower Costs for Businesses with Pure Family Medicine

Lower Costs

Health savings with DPC average around 20%, or over $3000, per year per employee.

Health care premiums are often lower when members are part of a DPC practice.

Employee Health in Littleton with Direct Primary Care

Happier, healthier employees

Nearly 75% of DPC participants report significant improvements in their overall health.

DPC practices routinely top the charts in patient satisfaction scores.

Improve productivitiy with a membership in Pure Family Medicine

Decreased sick days, increased productivity

DPC members have around 60% less inpatient hospital days.

Employees can contact their doctor and have a virtual visit from work, instead of leaving the office for an appointment.

Recruit and retain employees with membership in our family practice in southwest Littleton

Recruiting and retention advantage

Inexpensive and quality healthcare is the number one benefit for keeping employees.

DPC membership is a competitive advantage – “Our employees have access to their own personal doctor.”

Create a small business culture of health with Pure Family Medicine

Commitment to health and wellness

Nothing says "we care about our employees and their well-being" quite like a membership in Pure Family Medicine.

Make an investment in your employees by giving them access to a better health care experience.

By offering a membership in Pure Family Medicine to your employees, they will enjoy:

  • Decreased out of pocket expenses – the monthly membership fee covers almost everything that we do in the office.
  • Unparalleled access to their physician - even from the workplace if needed via text, phone, email or virtual visits
  • For larger employers - we offer on site on-boarding to our practice and regular monthly workplace visits.
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Employers and Employees love DPC and Pure Family Medicine

Implementing Direct Primary Care in Your Business

There are a few different strategies for adding DPC membership to your health benefits. There's no one size fits all solution as every business has different needs.  With all options there is a great potential to save health care dollars while providing a health benefit your employees will actually love! There's also no need to wait for yearly re-enrollment, since a DPC membership can be added at any time.

Offer DPC alone as a health benefit

  • For smaller employers who are unable to provide traditional health benefits to their employees.
  • This can be a cost effective way to provide unique health benefits to your staff.

For employers with self-funded insurance plans, add DPC and see immediate savings

  • Many employers are electing to self-fund their businesses health care to try and reduce costs. Learn more about self funding.
  • Personalized care and direct access for your employees translates to immediate health care cost savings for you.
  • Many municipalities and large companies have seen tremendous savings with this approach.
  • Stop-loss insurance carriers already see the benefits of a DPC membership, with many offering lower rates to businesses who offer DPC to their employees.

Add DPC membership to an HRA with a high deductible plan

  • There's no need to change your current health benefits if you just want to add on DPC, but if you can select a higher deductible plan, the health savings are immediate and significant.
  • Employees have lower out of pocket medical costs, resulting in lower reimbursable expenses from your HRA funds.
  • The HRA option offers you and your employees a lot of flexibility in making health care decisions.

Pair DPC with a high deductible fully insured health plan

  • Adding DPC membership benefits can happen immediately.
  • Health benefit savings can be seen if your company can switch to a less expensive health insurance at renewal time, and you can make that switch knowing you are improving your employees health care while also saving money.
  • Hidden savings can be found with reduced employee absenteeism, increased productivity thanks to more prompt medical care, and improved morale.

Offer DPC paired with a health sharing plan

  • This unique and progressive approach to health benefits can be a game changer for the right group.
  • The greatest cost savings can happen with this plan, with savings typically over 50%.
  • This option is great for employers who are unable to afford traditional health benefits but still want to provide excellent benefits to their employees.
  • Sedera is a popular health sharing organization with a plan specifically for small businesses. Learn more about health sharing.

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