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High quality primary care for your Denver small business for under $100 per employee per month.
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Quality Healthcare Designed for Small Businesses

As a local family owned medical practice, we get it - health benefits are expensive. But they don't have to be. Small businesses across the country are turning to Direct Primary Care for affordable health benefits that will improve your business, and wow your employees.
High quality primary care with no copays
Virtual healthcare for unlimited flexibility
Prescription and Lab Discounts

How Does it Work?

It's actually quite simple. By paying a monthly fee for each employee directly to our practice and avoiding middlemen, we can provide amazing healthcare directly to your employees for an affordable price.
Virtually everything we do in our office is included in the monthly fee, for no extra cost. Because of the direct payment model, we carry 80% less patients than a traditional office, leading to higher quality care. In addition, we help your employees navigate the medical system to get discounts on services outside our office.
The concept is called Direct Primary Care, and it is changing healthcare as we know it in this country.
Happy employer with great health benefits in Denver

COVID-19 Screening for Businesses

Help your business stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. When you sign up with Pure Family Medicine, your business will get:
  • Virtual COVID-19 screening for symptomatic employees
  • Same and next day rapid COVID-19 testing for ill employees (while testing supplies are available)
  • Consultation and guidance on keeping your business safe
Small Business Owner Getting Health Benefits With Pure Family Medicine

Elevate Your Business with Amazing Health Benefits

Not only are health benefits the most desired employee perk, but your business can reach new heights with healthy, happy employees.

Improved Productivity

With no cost, same and next day appointments, and the option for telemedicine right from work, your employees will get care when they need it, and get back to work.

The Lowest Cost Benefits

Direct Primary Care is the only way to give your employees health benefits for under $100 per month. Not only are we affordable, but our care is the best around.

Happier, More Loyal Employees

How many people can say their work provides them concierge level healthcare that doesn't cost them a dime?

Small Business Pricing

We offer discounts to our monthly rate starting at 5 employees, call us or schedule a consultation for more details.
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  • Add all of your employees, or just a few
  • Cover the full cost, or a portion
per month

Family Members

  • Spouses or dependents
  • Paid by employer or employee
  • Max price for a family = $275
$65 - 80
per month

How to Get Your Business Started with Pure Family Medicine

Unlike other health benefits, getting started with Pure Family Medicine can be done at any time, and is incredibly easy.

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Looking for health insurance or other catastrophic care options?

We can help you add on catastrophic care starting at $150 per month to create the ultimate health benefit package so your employees get amazing healthcare, and assurance that a major health issue won't cause a financial hardship. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more.
Rebecca Bub Direct Primary Care for Employers

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