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Direct Primary Care for Employers

Small Business Owner Getting Health Benefits With Pure Family Medicine

Small Business Owners

  • Is the cost of providing health insurance and benefits to your employees increasing every year?
  • Are employees complaining about worsening coverage and increasing costs?
  • Do your employees forgo routine healthcare due to costs while their health and productivity suffers?
Pure Family Medicine has a solution - Direct Primary Care

As a member of Pure Family Medicine, your employees will enjoy:

  • Decreased out of pocket expenses – the monthly membership fee covers almost everything that we do in the office.
  • Unparalleled access to their physician - even from the workplace if needed via text, phone, email or virtual visits
  • For larger employers - we offer on site on-boarding to our practice and regular monthly workplace visits.
Employers and Employees love DPC and Pure Family Medicine
Lower Costs for Businesses with Pure Family Medicine

Lower Costs

Lower your healthcare costs by about 20% when your benefits package includes DPC.
Employee Health in Littleton with Direct Primary Care

Happier, Healthier Employees

Around 75% of employees with DPC as a benefit report significant improvement in their health.
Recruit and retain employees with membership in our family practice in southwest Littleton

Recruiting and Retention Advantage

Healthcare is the most important benefit for employees, and VIP medical care is something you can brag about.

Implementing DPC for Your Business

Unlike the rest of your health benefits package, membership in Pure Family Medicine can be added at any time, no need to wait for open enrollment!

Option 1- Just Direct Primary Care

  • Provide high quality healthcare for your staff for under $95/month per employee.
  • Best for employers who want to provide employee health benefits, but have a restricted budget.
Direct Primary Care for Employers
Direct Care for Small BusinessPair insurance with DPC for your employees

Option 2- DPC plus traditional health insurance

  • Start with DPC anytime and give your employees healthcare they are sure to brag about.
  • Better care means lower health insurance utilization, and a drastically better premium at renewal time.
  • Many employers are taking an extra step and self-funding their businesses health care to try and reduce costs even further. Learn more about self funding.

Option 3- DPC paired with medical cost sharing

  • Employees get incredible primary care plus help with larger medical expenses, starting at $230/month per employee.
  • This option is great for employers with a limited budget who still want to provide excellent benefits to their employees.
  • Sedera is a popular health sharing organization with a plan specifically for small businesses. Learn more about health sharing.
Direct Care for Small BusinessPair insurance with DPC for your employees

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