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Better Healthcare with Direct Primary Care

Modern healthcare is a mess, but Pure Family Medicine has a solution. With direct primary care, you get better access to your doctor, personalized care, and lower costs to help you live a healthier life.

The Problem with Modern Primary Care

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Busy Doctors = Poor Care

Rushed care leads to more medication, more referrals, and no time for prevention.
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Barriers Between You and Your Doctor

When it's so difficult to see your doctor, you're more likely to visit urgent care or ignore a health issue completely.
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Limitations to Your Care

Insurance companies control and limit your healthcare choices, preventing you from getting the best care.
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Unpredictable, Out of Control Costs

With armies of administrators and record corporate profits, modern healthcare has become unaffordable.
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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is membership-based healthcare that gives you high quality, convenient, and affordable care by reinventing the doctor's office and focusing on what is best for you.


You pay a low monthly fee directly to your doctor and eliminate the extra costs and restrictions imposed by insurance companies.


Your doctor gives you comprehensive primary care with easy access, and no copays or hidden costs, making it easier to get good care.


With better primary care, you can save your insurance for major health issues, drastically lowering your out of pocket expenses.

The Direct Primary Care Difference

Our doctors left corporate medicine to give their patients better care. We are a physician-owned and family-run office. Every decision we make is based on what is best for our patients.
  • More Time, Exceptional Care

    Our physicians see 80% fewer patients than a typical PCP, and are board certified in family medicine. You get care you can trust from your doctor who knows you, has time for you, and is there for you on every step of your healthcare journey.
  • Fewer Medications and Referrals

    We have the time to discuss diet, exercise, and stress, to help you manage disease through lifestyle changes before having to reach for medication. Our doctors are experts in primary care, and have the time and skill to work up complex medical issues rather than immediately referring you to a specialist.
  • Lower Costs

    By reducing administrative staff and not billing insurance, we keep our costs down, and pass the savings to you. We also help you save money by reducing unneeded ER and urgent care visits, and by focusing on preventing disease.
  • A Better Experience

    We all love our jobs, and we want you to love your healthcare!  At Pure Family Medicine, there are no crowded waiting rooms, no long waits to see your doctor, and no aggravating billing issues - just an amazing healthcare experience centered around you.
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See How Pure Family Medicine Compares.


Pure Family Medicine

Traditional Primary Care

Same or next day, unrushed appointments
See your personal doctor every time
Around the clock virtual care
Up-front, predictable, wholesale pricing
No co-pays or hidden charges
Get help navigating the healthcare system
On site lab services
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Why a Monthly Fee?

  • Fewer Barriers to Care

    In traditional primary care, patients save medical questions and health concerns for a single visit because getting in to see the doctor is difficult and expensive. This leads to subpar healthcare.

    When there is no extra cost to see your doctor, you will seek care quicker, ask more questions, schedule more follow-up appointments, and be more free to focus on prevention.

  • More Flexible Access

    When patients pay per visit, it forces their doctors to bring them into the office for everything.

    With a membership, you can text your doctor, have a telemedicine visit from home, get care while on vacation, and more. Easier more flexible access leads to better health.

What About Insurance?

Our doctors don't bill insurance for their services and our membership fee is not covered by insurance. This is actually what makes direct primary care work. By keeping insurance out of routine healthcare, we are able to lower costs, see fewer patients, and provide the care that is best for you.

If you do have insurance, you are welcome to use it to cover labwork, referrals, imaging, and more. But, the majority of patients with insurance will find it is significantly cheaper to pay non-insurance cash prices instead.

In fact, if you are one of the many people who does not routinely hit your insurance deductible, our model of healthcare will save you money by lowering your out of pocket costs.

Insurance is great to protect you if you get seriously ill or injured and incur major medical expenses. But, in the same way you wouldn't use car insurance to get your oil changed, we suggest saving health insurance for the big stuff.

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