Rebecca Bub, D.O.

"I love my patients, but in the traditional health care system I never had enough time to really get to know them.  When I see 20 patients per day, there’s just not enough time.  I firmly believe that you can get better health care when you have the time to form a strong relationship with your primary care physician.  That’s why I decided to found Pure Family Medicine as a direct primary care clinic, so I have the time to focus on you."

Dr. Rebecca Bub

See the Difference a Dedicated Physician Can Make

Board certified family medicine physicians like Dr. Bub do more than just physicals and flu appointments. With 11 years of education and training, and over 25,000 patient care hours, Dr. Bub uses her expertise to help you stay healthy, to perform a thorough medical workup if you do develop a serious illness, and to expertly guide your treatment to get you back to good health.

primary care physician Rebecca Bub

Experience and Education Matter

Rest assured your care is based on the latest in evidence based research combined with extensive personal patient care experience.

Save time, money, and prevent unnecessary testing and referrals with thorough, directed medical workups.

Better Health With Personalized Care

Get health care tailored to you and your needs, not a one size fits all approach.

Thoroughly discuss the risks and benefits of your testing and treatment so you can make informed decisions.

One Physician to Coordinate Your Care

Make the most of specialist visits, and prevent errors and wasted time when you have a family medicine physician at the head of your medical team.

What is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)?

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, like Dr. Bub, take a whole person approach to medical care, and partner with their patients to prevent disease by focusing on health education. Their training, education, and expertise is identical to MDs.

Dr. Bub takes time to get to know her patients, learn about their health goals, and discuss all of the options to achieve those goals. Since she is able to offer 30-60 minutes per appointment, she doesn't just default to prescribing medications and ordering tests.

In many cases changes in lifestyle, diet, exercise, and stress can adequately treat medical issues. If medication is prescribed, you can be assured that it is prescribed because it is the best option, and you can expect to have a thorough discussion of any risks with the proposed treatment.

Happy senior couple running and treating disease with exercise and lifestyle changes.

Bio and Education

Dr. Rebecca Bub pediatrics and family practice

"When asked to describe myself, two things pop into my head. I am a family medicine physician and a mom.  I am many other things as well but first and foremost I take care of my family and my patients.  I have always wanted to be a family medicine doctor, I think it is in my blood.  And I am a strong believer that family life and work life are never completely separate.  I practice medicine the same way I treat my family, 100%, all the time.  When patients ask my opinion, I try to give them the same answer I would give to my mom, my husband, my children.  Each person is unique, and getting to know somebody on a personal level is an integral part of how I care for them.  And that is the beauty of practicing family medicine.  It is an art of getting to know not just one person, but their spouse, children, and if I am lucky, entire families."

I graduated from Michigan State University (GO GREEN! ) with a bachelors degree in Human Biology.  Although I live in Colorado now I am still an avid Michigan State fan.  I then went on to Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, where I graduated from medical school in 2011.  I met my husband while in medical school and “dragged” him to Colorado, where I completed my Family Medicine residency at the University of Colorado at Rose Hospital in 2014.  Since then I have been practicing outpatient family medicine in Littleton, Colorado where I am so happy to have a wonderful group of patients whom I truly enjoy getting to see and care for every day.

Sometime in the midst of my “work life”, I also grew a beautiful family and have 3 children who keep me on my toes.  As a family, we love exploring the state of Colorado and going into the mountains whenever possible.  Hiking with a 7, 5, and 3 year old is an art-form by itself but very much my happy place.  My husband and I also enjoy skiing, mountain biking, and (in a past life) scuba diving.  As our children grow we hope to share and build on our passions with them.

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