Direct Primary Care in Littleton, CO

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Get the primary care you deserve at half the cost of a concierge doctor with our refreshing new approach to medical care.
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Dr. Rebecca Bub of Pure Family Medicine in Littleton, CO
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Get Care When You Need It
Same and next day appointments, 30-60 minute visits. Get your health needs addressed quickly and thoroughly.
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Easy Access, Less Headaches
Call or text your personal doctor directly when you have a question. After hours access for urgent medical issues.
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Personalized Care is Better Care
With 80% less patients than a typical physician's office, your doctor actually knows you and is personally invested in your care.
Membership costs $59 - $99 per month, no co-pays ever.
Concierge Level Care Near Denver

Better Healthcare
Pure & Simple

Concierge medicine is not what it used to be. Under pressure from healthcare corporations and insurance companies, concierge doctors are seeing more and more patients, and losing focus on providing personalized healthcare.
We built Pure Family Medicine, a family owned and operated primary care practice, because you deserve quality healthcare that you can trust.
With our direct primary care membership, you'll have a personal relationship with your board certified physician, and a true partner in your healthcare. What's more, our unique healthcare model means we can provide quality healthcare at half the cost of a typical concierge doctor.
Combine that with the high level of personal and attentive service that Pure Family Medicine is known for, and you'll have medical care that will put a smile on your face.

Quality Healthcare for Less

Concierge doctors not only charge a monthly retainer, but they also charge you every time you need care. With our innovative direct care model you get an all-inclusive pass to your personal physician for a fraction of the cost of concierge. Even better, there are no co-pays or additional costs for office visits or procedures.
  • No Cost for Office Visits and Procedures

  • Convenient Online Care When You Can't Make it In

  • Price Transparency and up to a 90% Discount on Lab Testing

Physicians of Pure Family Medicine
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Pure Family Medicine vs Concierge Doctors


Pure Family Medicine

Concierge Physician

Same or next day, unrushed appointments
See your personal doctor every time
Around the clock virtual care
Family owned, boutique medical office
Typically corporate
Up-front, predictable, wholesale pricing
No charge for visits or procedures
Monthly Fee
$59 - $99
$140 - $300

Our Location

Located right off C-470 at the Bowles exit in the Dakota Ridge Medical Complex, across the street from Dakota Ridge High School.
About 10 minutes or less from Littleton, Ken Caryl, Lakewood, Morrison, Golden, and Highlands Ranch.