Pure Family Medicine in Littleton, CO

Better Primary Care

At Pure Family Medicine, we've reinvented primary care to give you convenient and personalized care that helps you save money and live a healthier life.
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Dr. Rebecca Bub of Pure Family Medicine in Littleton, CO
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Get Care When You Need It
Same and next day appointments mean you won't wait weeks to be seen. Text your doctor anytime and hear back within hours.
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No More Rushed Visits
Good primary care doesn't happen in a 10 minute appointment. That's why you get 30-60 minute visits with us.
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Personalized Healthcare
At our office, your doctor actually knows you. That's because we have 80% less patients than a typical primary care practice.
Unlimited primary care from $59-$119 per month, no co-pays ever.

Better Healthcare
Pure & Simple

Traditional healthcare is failing patients. That's why we built Pure Family Medicine.
With our affordable primary care membership, you'll have a personal relationship with your board certified physician, and a true partner in your healthcare.
Join us today to see why Pure Family Medicine is a better way to do healthcare.

How Does Pure Family Medicine Work?

For one affordable monthly fee, virtually all of your primary care in our practice is free of charge.
  • No Cost for Office Visits and Procedures

  • Convenient Online Care When You Can't Make it In

  • Price Transparency and up to a 90% Discount on Lab Testing

Pure Family Medicine Physicians
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Our Location

Located right off C-470 at the Bowles exit in the Dakota Ridge Medical Complex, across the street from Dakota Ridge High School.
About 10 minutes or less from Littleton, Ken Caryl, Lakewood, Morrison, Golden, and Highlands Ranch.