Medical System
person opening wallet and paying too much for healthcare

How Insurance Works Against You

A look into health insurance and how it doesn't really save patients money, through real life stories.
Medical System
teddy bear with bandage on head and leg after getting treated in healthcare system

How to Beat the Health Care System

Our medical system is a mess, but you can still get great care for an affordable price. Read more to learn tips on how to come out ahead from someone with first hand experience.
Medical System
stethoscope on table

Who Really Makes Your Health Care Decisions?

Gone are the days where the patient-doctor relationship was just between the patient and the doctor. Health care in America involves insurance companies, hospital systems, and pharmaceutical companies all having a say in virtually all decisions made by your doctor about your health.
Medical System
Saving money on healthcare dropping coin into piggy bank

8 Tips to Help You Lower Your Medical Costs in 2020

Healthcare is NOT expensive. At least, it doesn't have to be if you follow these practical tips

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