Doctor discussing test results on a clipboard with patient

7 Insider Tips for Selecting the Best Doctor for Your Family

How do you select the best family doctor for you and your family? Dr. Bub presents 7 tips to help you make this important decision.
person laying on couch feeling ill

The Flu and You

Flu season will be upon us soon. Learn more about the flu vaccine and why it's so important.
electrocardiogram reading on medical paper

EKG as a routine screening test

Technology allows us to monitor patient's EKG like we would monitor their blood pressure...
children playing in pool during summer

Staying Safe in the Sun

Now that summer is here, it's time to get outside and have fun, but don't forget the sunscreen! Dr. Bub takes a look at the different types of sunscreen and gives advice on what sunscreen is safest for you and your family.
Family medicine physician holding patient's hand

You Need a Family Medicine Doctor

In today's health care world, having a family medicine doctor is more important than ever! Learn all about how having a doctor you know and trust can be a game-changer for your health.